RMT Massage


RMT Massage Is Used For Treating Variety Of Conditions:

:: Sprains and strains
:: Fractures
:: Trauma (e.g., motor vehicle)
:: Sports / athletic injuries
:: Tendonitis
:: Muscle spasms
:: Post-operative care and rehabilitation
:: Muscular tension of the jaw, face
:: Lower back pain
:: Muscular tension headaches
:: 'Stress' syndromes
:: Chronic pain syndrome
:: Muscular pain

RMT Massage Techniques Facilitate The Following:

:: Release of Tension.
Massage therapy helps to relieve the chronic muscular tension that comes from stress, trauma, and injury.

:: Circulation of Blood.
Improved blood circulation increases the supply of nutrients to the body and speeds up the healing process.

:: Reduction of Stress.
Massage therapy is an effective non-drug method for reducing stress and promoting relaxation.

:: Release of Toxins.
Chronic tension or trauma to the soft tissues of the body can result in the buildup of toxic by-products of normal metabolism. Massage therapy plays an important role in the process of eliminating these toxins.

:: Movement of Lymphatic Fluid.
The circulation of lymphatic fluid plays a key role in ridding the body of wastes, toxins, and pathogens.