Turkish Hammam



A Turkish bath is a hot steam hydro-therapy treatment which has a miraculous effect on both the mental and physical state of everyone. A Turkish bath is an excellent stress-buster too, thanks to the soothing and all-round relaxing effect the hot steam has on both body and mind. A Turkish bath is an ideal antidote to all those tensions that build up over the working day, banishing every kind of stress. The sense of wellbeing generated by the steam bath is not limited to only the psyche.

Benifits of Turkish Bath "Hammam":

:: It elevates body temperature, which works as a fever which, boosts immunity by increasing white blood cell production.
:: Heavy sweating, which helps eliminate toxins, chemicals and other impurities from the skin.
:: It increases heart rate, blood circulation and metabolic rate.
:: It loosens, relaxes muscles after exercise.
:: Very good relief of stress, tension and high blood pressure.
:: Very good sense of mental well-being and rejuvenation.